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We are a professional, trustworthy and reliable House Clearance company in the County of Northampton, with over 20 years of expertise, who are a trusted Countrywide company in your area, with fully uniformed and insured staff who always get the job done on time and on budget, recycling 90% of all household waste using our large jumbo luton box vans. 

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Northampton is a historic town located in the heart of England, known for its rich heritage, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant culture. It is the county town of Northamptonshire and has a population of approximately 215,000 people.

The town has a long and fascinating history, dating back to the 8th century when it was founded as a Saxon village. It quickly grew in importance due to its strategic location on the River Nene and became a bustling market town. In the Middle Ages, Northampton was known for its thriving wool trade and was also an important center for shoe and leather production. Today, the town still has a strong presence in the shoe industry, with many local brands such as Dr. Martens and Church's originating from Northampton.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Northampton is the 12th-century Northampton Castle. Although the castle was destroyed during the English Civil War, its remains can still be seen today in the form of a beautiful garden. The town is also home to several other historic sites, including the 12th-century All Saints' Church, which is known for its stunning architecture and intricate stained glass windows.

In addition to its rich history, Northampton is also a hub for arts and culture. The town is home to a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues showcasing local and international talent. The Royal & Derngate Theatre is a particularly popular spot, hosting a variety of performances from plays to concerts. Northampton is also home to the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, which houses a diverse collection of artifacts and artworks that tell the story of the town's past.

For nature lovers, Northampton offers plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside, with many scenic walking and cycling trails to discover. One of the most popular spots is the Northamptonshire countryside, which is home to charming villages, picturesque landscapes, and plenty of wildlife. The nearby Pitsford Reservoir is a great destination for fishing, birdwatching, and water sports.

Northampton is also a shopper's paradise, with a wide range of retail options to suit all tastes and budgets. The town center is home to a mix of high street stores, independent boutiques, and specialty shops. The Grosvenor Shopping Centre is a popular spot for fashion and beauty, while the Northampton Market offers a unique shopping experience with its variety of stalls selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts.

The town's diverse population also contributes to its vibrant and multicultural atmosphere. Northampton has a strong sense of community, and this is evident in its many festivals and events that take place throughout the year. The Northampton Carnival, which celebrates the town's Caribbean heritage, and the Northampton Balloon Festival, which attracts hot air balloon enthusiasts from around the world, are just some of the highlights.

In recent years, Northampton has also seen significant development and investment, with new residential and commercial developments springing up. This has brought a new energy to the town, making it an even more attractive place to live, work, and visit.

In conclusion, Northampton is a charming town with a fascinating history, a vibrant culture, and plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation. With its beautiful landscapes, thriving arts scene, and welcoming community, it is no wonder that Northampton continues to attract visitors from all over the world. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or simply looking for a fun and lively place to explore, Northampton has something for everyone.

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Northampton House Clearances Services

Why choose us

  • Full waste transfer notes provided – your proof of waste disposal
  • Up to 50% of household items donated to charity – choose your own charity of choice
  • 90% of all standard household waste recycled – zero to landfill, no fly-tipping
  • You do not have to be present – we can collect the keys or have them posted to us
  • We can carry out energy meter readings for you
  • We can move small & personal or larger items to a location near you for you
  • We do all of the work, we bag up, box up & remove every item from the property into our large vans
  • Our vans are unmarked for your discretion, the largest in their class
  • If there is a shed, garage, loft, basement or outhouse building, we clear those too as part of the clearance
  • We can carry out a one-off deep clean of the property after it has been cleared
  • Electrical items disconnected & removed
  • Carpets, underlay & other fixtures & fittings removed
  • We can remove old unwated cars, motorbokes, boats & caravans from the property

What we take & remove

  • All standard household furniture
  • Fridges, freezers & other electrical goods
  • Sofas, mattresses, TVs
  • Vehicles, scrap metal, garden junk
  • Garage, loft, garden, shed, outhouse building contents
  • Household paint & cleaning products
  • Tools, free standing garage machine equipment
  • We remove & dsipsoe of pretty much everything from a standard house clearance

Our full property services

  • Standard house clearance
  • Office clearance
  • Specialist property clearance
  • Verminous house clearance
  • Cluttered house clearance
  • Extreme house clearance
  • Hoarders house clearance
  • Property decluttering clearance
  • Hoarders declutter clearance
  • Unattended death house clearance
  • Undiscovered death house clearance & clean up
  • Trauma house clearance & clean up
  • Property cleaning
  • Probate & antique house clearance evaluations
  • Void house clearance
  • Loft insulation removal
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We Are Zero-To-Landfill - 90% Recycled


We Can Fit All Of This From Your House Clearance Into Our Vans

The diligent workers successfully emptied my father's apartment, removing two full van loads of items. They were pleasant and did an excellent job, and I would not hesitate to employ their services again.

- Raymond, Northampton

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