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We are a professional, trustworthy and reliable Unattended Undiscovered House Clearance company in England, Scotland & Wales with over 20 years of expertise, who are a trusted Countrywide company in your area, with fully uniformed and insured staff who always get the job done on time and on budget, recycling 90% of all household waste using our large jumbo luton box vans.

Professional Unattended Undiscovered Death House Clearance Services

Full or partial unattended undiscovered death house clearances 

We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is an incredibly difficult time. That's why we strive to provide compassionate and efficient house clearance services for bereaved individuals. Our dedicated team is experienced in handling sensitive situations and ensuring that the process is as stress-free as possible. With our professional and respectful approach, you can trust us to assist you with the clearing of your loved one's property with care and empathy. Our compassionate team understands the difficulty of dealing with the aftermath of an unattended undiscovered death. We offer professional and respectful unattended undiscovered death clearance services tailored to the needs of the bereaved.

With our expertise in house clearance, we prioritize sensitivity and discretion while handling the clearance process. Our experienced team will carefully remove any belongings and clean the property, ensuring the utmost respect for the deceased and their surroundings. You can rely on us to provide a swift and efficient service during this challenging time, giving you peace of mind and support when you need it the most.

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Why choose us for an unattended undiscovered death property clearance

  • Full waste transfer notes provided – your proof of waste disposal
  • Up to 50% of household items donated to charity – choose your own charity of choice
  • 90% of all standard household waste recycled – zero to landfill, no fly-tipping
  • You do not have to be present – we can collect the keys or have them posted to us
  • We can carry out energy meter readings for you
  • We can move small & personal or larger items to a location near you for you
  • We do all of the work, we bag up, box up & remove every item from the property into our large vans
  • Our vans are unmarked for your discretion, the largest in their class
  • If there is a shed, garage, loft, basement or outhouse building, we clear those too as part of the clearance
  • We can carry out a one-off deep clean of the property after it has been cleared
  • Electrical items disconnected & removed
  • Carpets, underlay & other fixtures & fittings removed 
  • We can remove old unwated cars, motorbokes, boats & caravans from the property

What we take & remove from an undiscovered unattended death property 

  • All standard household furniture
  • Fridges, freezers & other electrical goods
  • Sofas, mattresses, TVs
  • Vehicles, scrap metal, garden junk
  • Garage, loft, garden, shed, outhouse building contents
  • Household paint & cleaning products
  • Tools, free standing garage machine equipment
  • We remove & dsipsoe of pretty much everything from a standard house clearance
  • Any verminous waste & clutter from a cluttered property including human & animal feces
  • Decaying food waste
  • Animal feces
  • Human feces
  • Sharps, needles, bottles of urine, dead animal carcases
  • General verminous waste

Understanding an unattended death house clearance

Unattended death house clearance refers to the process of cleaning and disposing of belongings and personal items in a property where a death has occurred and the deceased has not been discovered for a significant period of time. This type of clearance is often a difficult and emotional task, but it is essential for the proper handling of the deceased's estate and for the safety and well-being of the community.

The first and most important step in an unattended death house clearance is to secure the property and notify the authorities. In most cases, the police will need to be involved to investigate the cause of death and determine if any foul play was involved. Once the authorities have given the clearance for the property to be entered, the next step is to assess the situation and determine the extent of the clearance needed.

In many cases, unattended death house clearance is necessary because the deceased lived alone and had no close friends or family to take care of their affairs after their passing. This can lead to a property being left unattended for weeks or even months, resulting in a buildup of clutter, debris, and potentially hazardous materials. It is the responsibility of the property owner or executor of the deceased's estate to ensure that the property is properly cleared and any biohazardous materials are disposed of safely.

The process of unattended death house clearance can be emotionally challenging for those involved. It is not just a matter of cleaning and disposing of items, but also of respecting the deceased and their belongings. Items that may hold sentimental value to the deceased may need to be carefully sorted through and saved for family members or close friends. This can be a delicate and sensitive task, requiring empathy and understanding.

In addition to the emotional aspect, unattended death house clearance also presents potential health risks. Decomposing bodies can release harmful bacteria and pathogens into the air, making it necessary to wear protective gear and follow proper protocols for handling and disposing of contaminated items. This is especially important in cases where the death was not discovered for a significant period of time, as the decomposition process can be more advanced and pose a greater risk.

One of the challenges of unattended death house clearance is determining what to do with the deceased's belongings. In cases where there are no known heirs or close family members, the responsibility often falls on the local authorities. They may choose to auction off the belongings or donate them to charity. In some cases, the belongings may need to be disposed of if they are deemed hazardous or unsalvageable. It is a necessary and important process for the proper handling of the deceased's estate and for the safety and well-being of the community. It requires a strong sense of responsibility, empathy, and professionalism from those involved.

In conclusion, unattended death house clearance is a challenging and emotional task that involves securing the property, assessing the situation, and properly disposing of items. It is a necessary process for the proper handling of the deceased's estate and for the safety of the community. It requires a delicate balance of practicality and empathy, and those involved must approach it with care and respect for the deceased. With proper protocols and procedures in place, unattended death house clearance can be carried out in a professional and compassionate manner, providing closure for the deceased and their loved ones.

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We are proud members of the NAHCP, which ensures that our house clearance service meets the highest industry standards. Rest assured, our team follows best practices to handle every clearance project efficiently and responsibly.

We are

  • A family owned business

  • Fully licenced & registered waste carriers

  • Fully insured with full public liability & employee insurance

  • 90% of all waste recycled

  • Upto 50% of items donated to charity
  • Approved Environment Agency contractors
  • Large vans - we clear most properties in 1-2 van loads
  • Fully trained, experienced, insured & uniformed staff

  • We do not sub-contract or use sub-contractors

What our customers say

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand by the quality of our unattended undiscovered death house clearance service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I recently used Countrywide for an unattended death clearance, and I was incredibly impressed with their help and professionalism. From the initial contact to the completion of the job, they were incredibly supportive and understanding. The job was completed with the utmost respect and care, and I would highly recommend their services.

– J. Robinson, Southampton

I recently used Countrywide House Clearance for an unattended death clearance, and I was extremely impressed with their level of sympathy, respect, and understanding. They made a difficult situation much easier to bear, and I am so grateful for their help. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

– John Doyle, Swansea

I recently hired Countrywide House Clearance for a house clearance job. They were kind, reliable, honest, and trustworthy throughout the entire process. Despite the difficult task of handling an unattended death situation, they maintained professionalism and completed the job efficiently. I highly recommend their services.

– Emily Watson, Bristol

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